Introducing new Swampbuggy design

M&R Integrated Services Ltd is in close co-operation with a Dutch bush clearing firm in the Netherlands which has introduced an revolutionary propulsion system based on the Archimedes screw principle. The swamp crawler is ideally suited to work in the Nigerian Delta swamp and mangrove areas. One unit is completely containerised and can be on your project in matter of weeks!

The currently most common Swampbuggy is an American based design  on tracks which are extremely sentitive for debris. Tracks often come off which drastically de-creases it's efficiency.


Current common Swampbuggy design

The new design based on the Archimedes screw principle has already proven itself on several projects in South America. Extremely low maintenance and a very rigid design enables working comfortably in swamp environments like the Niger Delta. A lot of engineering and 20 year practical experience went into the design which makes it very difficult to copy.

Many applications are possible:

  • Soil-investigation
  • Trench-excavation
  • Bush-clearing
  • General construction etc

  Typical examples of executed projects are shown below:


 CPT soil investigation



Reclamation & Bush-clearing