Hydroblasting services

M&R Integrated Services provides coating & corrosion removal, descaling & industrial cleaning with our UHP (Ultra High Pressure) water-jet equipment with pressures up to 2,800bar and apply any coating application thereafter when required. Our hydroblasting units enable us to remove any coating, taking the substrate back to its original profile, and unlike other "traditional" surface preparation methods, ensuring the surface is completely contaminant free.

We have road-transportable NLB Model 4075D Water-jet systems which combines the power of UHP hyroblasting with the dependability of a slow-running plunger pump design that has been proven in countless applications for over 35 years.   


NLB 4075D



We take safety as our top priority due to the huge pressures involved with hydroblasting and all our personnel are equipped with body armor protective clothing




UHP water jetting creates a complete dust free working environment and allows other contractors to work in close vicinity. Oil, grease and salt contaminants are removed completely. Consistently, UHP water jetting will produce a surface finish equal to or better than a dry abrasive blasted surface. 


Probably one of the most significant benefits of hydroblasting is that once water blasted at Ultra High Pressure the surface is free from Non Visible Contamination (Chlorides, salts of Ferrous Oxide and Ferrous Chloride). This chemical free surface offers perfect condition on which to apply the chosen corrosion protection coating. Having a chemically clean surface means that any coating or lining material will bond more effectively and failure frequency is dramatically reduced. 


UHP Water Jets prepare steel surfaces to ISO 8501-4 standards and Wa2½ surface finish is easily achieved. 



Please download our Hydroblasting Brochure