Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection has always been very important for our company and we have a lot of knowledge within our organisation. We own a large fleet of equipment (see our equipment list) and are capable of handling large-scale projects.

M&R blasts steel to the highest global specifications and we have completed work for large Clients (see our reference list)

Coating applications take place under controlled conditions and comply with the stipulations of all the major paint suppliers.

Quality-assurance equipment is used before and after blasting and coating – this includes blast-profile testing, surface-temperature testing, humidity testing, dry film-thickness testing, wet film-thickness testing, salt-content testing, adhesion testing and pinhole testing. All projects undertaken adhere to our approved quality-assurance plan.

Services offered:

  • Shot-blasting
  • Sandblasting
  • Ultra-high-pressure water jetting (refer elsewhere)
  • Protective coatings by airless, conventional spray and roller 
  • Application of high-performance coatings
  • Application of organic and inorganic zinc coatings
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Zinc-phosphate coatings
  • Alkyd coatings
  • Vinyl coatings
  • All types of single and twin-pack coatings


 An example of a recent project