Barge construction

We specialize in the design and construction of barges customized for work in the Niger Delta. These range from complete accommodation barges (or houseboats), to fuel, pipe-lay, transport and ramp barges. We can provide the complete package from barge design to construction, painting and all other required disciplines such as electrics, hydraulics and plumbing some of which will be subcontracted to specialized companies.

At the moment of writing (Dec 2012) we have a 70x15m self-propelled 1,400t oil transport barge and a 1,200t ramp barge under construction and will be responsible for the complete works until handover. We work fast and are able to deliver typical barges as mentioned within a period of 3 Months under good working conditions.
Due to our location along the river and extensive marine experience we are ideally suited for offshore related construction work such as substructures, deck Extensions, accommodation units, steel jackets and manifolds etc.

The barges are certified by the inland waterways authorities and are fully compliant with their requirements.

Below video shows the construction and launch of a pipe-lay barge designed and build by us: 

Rampbarge currently under construction
Picture was taken October 2012
Please check here for the Design :